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Extensive NuVinci® Media Coverage


NuVinci Optimized 10-page review

The Dutch magazine E-Bike & Trekking has recently published a 10-page NuVinci Optimized bike review, which is featured on the cover page. 

The article includes various highly favorable comments and covers tests of seven NuVinci Optimized eBikes: Dutch ID Tour N360H, Flyer T8N, Gazelle Orange CX HM, Koga E-Nova NuVinci, Qwic P-MN360, Sparta MNb, Trek TM700+. There is also a comparison between NuVinci Cycling's technology and the automatic Shimano Steps Di2 system, which states that there is no alternative for cyclist, who wants a continuous variable system because the Shimano system does not shift under load and the shift feeling is less smooth/seamless than the NuVinci Optimized experience. The test coordinator of the article stated: "The real test winner is the automatic NuVinci Harmony. The ultimate option for every luxury e-bike."

Click here to read the article (PDF in Dutch).


eBike Portal Coverage in three languages

The NuVinci Optimized N380 together with Harmony and H|Sync have received some exensive coverage recently in an article available in  English, Italian and French, on an "eBikePortal."




Fallbrook Machinine & Metrology on Cover of Cutting Tool Engineering Magazine

The cover story of the September 2015 issue of Cutting Tool Engineering Magazine featuredFallbrook's Machining and Metrology capabilities.  Entitled "Planetary Prototypes, the article notes that  "Fallbrook Technologies’ shop continues to produce prototypes for licensees of the company’s continuously variable planetary technology while performing commercial jobs." 

UK eBike (the Entz) features NuVinci® N360™

A2B, a UK bike and e-bike manufacturer, announced back on May 18 that its latest e-bike innovation, the Entz, had been nominated for ‘Excellent Product Design’ by the prestigious German Design Council.  Recently, they tweeted the following: 

         [TECH TUESDAY] The superb NuVinci hub is available on the Entz. This video explains what all the fuss is about.

Dana Opens 16th Global Technology Center near Austin, Texas

Facility to Focus on VariGlide® Continuously Variable Planetary Technology for Light-Vehicle and Off-Highway Transmissions....."Developed through a strategic licensing relationship between Dana and Fallbrook Technologies Inc., VariGlide technology enables designers to reduce the complexity of transmissions while enabling the engine to operate at more efficient speeds – ultimately increasing fuel efficiency, reducing emissions, and improving overall vehicle performance."

Bosch Gepida Reptila 1000 named "best electronic bike in its category" by Australian

Recently the Bosch Gepida Reptila 1000 was tested by the Australian online magazine as the first Harmony equipped bike, which is available Down Under. The bike received an EBR Gold Award as „best electronic bike in its category“ not least because it offers automatic NuVinci optimized performance.  Click here to see the video review.

Fallbrook Technologies Inc.’s NuVinci® Technology Chosen by Piaggio Group for Its Electric Bike Project

New Piaggio Product Incorporates Fallbrook’s Harmony H|Sync™ Intelligent Auto-Shifting System (Fallbrook Press Release)