Info For OEMs

Differentiate Your Brand and Grow Market Share with NuVinci

Whether you choose from our award-winning NuVinci® N360™ or NuVinci Harmony™ auto-shifting CVP drivetrains for traditional pedal or e-Bikes, you’ll have something truly unique to differentiate your brand and attract a broader segment of cyclists. From the novice to the most demanding expert, a NuVinci drivetrain will give your products and customers a ride experience like never before.

Excite and Help Your Dealers Grow, too

The NuVinci experience creates an excitement that your dealers and customers alike will want to share. With NuVinci-equipped models in their line-up, your dealers will have something truly special to promote and showcase to customers of all ages and experience levels. Selling a bicycle or e-Bike with a NuVinci drivetrain is often as easy as offering a test ride.

A True Partnership with NuVinci

NuVinci OEM service begins with a commitment to provide the best possible product lead-times and technical support for you and your assemblers. You’ll also find a partner who understands the importance of promotion and is dedicated to developing co-marketing programs that introduce and create demand for your NuVinci-equipped bicycles and e-Bikes. And you can count on NuVinci to provide the technical and point-of-sale support your dealers need to successfully sell the unique benefits of a bike or e-Bike with a NuVinci drivetrain.

Build Brand Loyalty with NuVinci

The pure enjoyment that comes with every NuVinci-equipped bicycle or e-Bike will reinforce your customers’ purchase decision and build brand loyalty with every ride. Smooth, seamless shifting…easy-to-use…quiet…maintenance free…enjoyable…that’s NuVinci.