Hubs (N360(tm) and N330(tm)

Hubs (N360™ and N330™)

The First NuVinci Optimized™ drivetrain made history in 2007 as the first commercially available continuously variable transmission for bicycles.  

In 2010, the N360 model made significant improvements over the original version.  Subsequently, bicycle manufacturers discovered that the N360, with or without the Harmony™ intelligent auto-shifting system, was particularly well suited for mid- and front-motor eBikes. 

In 2015, the introduction of the N330™ model in combination with the new C3™ controller makes more affordable NuVinci-Optimized bikes possible with only a minimal decrease in functionality.

N360 and N330 are continuously variable planetary (CVP) transmissions that revolutionize your shifting experience. These transmissions provide a smooth, continuous progression from one ratio to another, with no abrupt ratio changes or harsh gear engagements.

Compared with complex conventional internally geared hubs, the NuVinci Optimized hub is based on a very simple concept, which withstands high torque and power levels from eBike drivetrains and is virtually maintenance free. Instead of many complex gears and components, the NuVinci technology is based on a set of rotating, tilting spheres fitted between two rings.

Unlike conventional transmissions that have a fixed number of gear ratios, our continuously CVP drivetrain has an unlimited numberof ratios within its wide 360% (for N360) or 330% (for N330) range.

NuVinci Optimized (e)Bikes offer riders a quiet, comfortable ride like no other. Adjusting ratio to the terrain and the individual’s riding style is as easy as adjusting the volume on a radio. It’s the perfect drivetrain for those looking for a smoother, simpler, more enjoyable ride, and for anyone ready to move beyond the complexities and limitations of conventional shifting.

NuVinci Cycling transmissions and shifting options will continue to evolve and improve. Several product announcements are planned for EUROBIKE 2015 in Friedrichshafen, Germany, August 26 to 29, 2015. 


  • Smooth, Seamless Shifting – no steps, no gaps, no hesitations, no missed gears, no dropped chains. Just smooth, continuous shifting as easy as adjusting the volume on a radio.
  • Wide 360% (for N360) or 330% (for N330) Ratio Range – with an “infinite” number of ratios within its range, you’re always in the right ratio.
  • Smooth Shifting Under Force – shift any time, in practically any condition, even under high pedal force.
  • Quiet Operation – smooth, responsive, dependable and without noise
  • Maintenance Free – no regular service or adjustments, N360  and N330 aremaintenance free.
  • Perfect for e-Bikes, too – easy, more active shifting means you’ll manage power better, increase range, extend battery life and reduce wear to motor and drivetrain components.

How it Works

With the easy‐to‐use twist shifters, changing ratios becomes very intuitive. Tilting the balls by twisting the shifter on the handlebar changes their contact diameters and varies the speed ratio of the drivetrain resulting in a seamless and continuous transition to any ratio within its range. Any rider who can adjust the volume knob on a radio can easily and confidently shift a bicycle or e-Bike equipped with a NuVinci Optimized CVP.  On the C3 controller you will find an expressive indicator graphic on the housing for your orientation.  The controller of the N360 system has a display with a unique shift indicator, which shows the chosen ratio.

See the NuVinci Technology demonstration video in the player above.   Go to NuVinci Technology for additional technical information.

Quick Release for N360™ Available