NuVinci® Experience

The NuVinci® Optimized Experience

“It’s smooth. It’s fun.” - Bicycle Manufacturer

“No need to think about shifting” – Recreational Cyclist

“When I rode NuVinci…that was it!” – Industry Analyst

NuVinci will definitely put more people on bikes!” – Bicycle Retailer

“Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?”- Former Tour de France Professional

Cycling is enjoyable. Except when shifting, that is.  Always looking for the right gear. Constant cadence interruptions with every change in the road or terrain. Missed gears. Abrupt step-changes. Jolts to your knees and lower back.  Not to mention dropped chains. There had to be a better way.

Enter the NuVinci® N360™ CVP drivetrain.  With NuVinci technology, the limitations and complications of conventional geared systems are history!

Because a NuVinci drivetrain is a continuously variable transmission, shifting through its wide 360% ratio range is as seamless and easy as adjusting the volume on a radio. Smooth. Quiet. Always in the right ratio. With a NuVinci drivetrain, it’s easy to maintain the perfect cadence. Add Fallbrook’s latest auto-shifting Harmony™ system, and you’ll never think about shifting again. Simply select a cadence that’s perfect for you and ride. With a NuVinci drivetrain it’s less tiring, easier on your body and more what cycling was meant to be… enjoyable.  

But don’t take our word for it. Watch and listen to what cyclists, industry analysts, bicycle makers and retailers alike are saying about the NuVinci experience.  Click on the video links above.

Because nothing shifts like NuVinci, there’s only one way to truly experience the NuVinci difference – with a test ride at your local authorized NuVinci dealer or at a retailer of one of the many brands offering NuVinci-equipped bicycles showcased in our gallery. Once you do, we think you’ll agree… there’s nothing like the “NuVinci Experience.”


  • Enjoyable:  Smoother, simpler and more enjoyable for all.  Responsive and dependable for the most demanding expert tired of making gearing compromises to try and maintain a comfortable cadence.  Perfect for anyone intimidated by conventional shifting. 
  • Continuously Variable:   If you can adjust the volume on a radio you can continuously and seamlessly shift the N360 to maintain the perfect cadence throughout the ride. With a NuVinci drivetrain you’ll have the benefit of smooth, seamless shifting at the twist of a wrist. And a rider experience no other bicycle drivetrain can match.
  • Less Strain  –  Your body will thank you. Knees, hips and back are less affected, because you can easily, smoothly and continuously adjust the exact ratio for changing terrains and conditions. You’ll tire less, ride longer and feel better when you reach your destination.
  • Wide Ratio Range  –  With a NuVinci drivetrain you have an “infinite” number of ratios between its wide 360% range. Finding the perfect ratio is easy and spontaneous. Even in the most extreme conditions. 
  • My Own Gear   Never be compromised by “geared” systems again. Choose from an “infinite” number of ratios to fit the conditions and your exact riding style. So easy, it’s like having your own perfect ratio…all the time
  • Automatic Shifting  –  Never think about shifting again with a NuVinci Harmony™ auto-shifting system. Simply set the intelligent drivetrain to a desired (slow, medium or fast) cadence and ride. Harmony monitors and automatically adjusts the continuously variable drivetrain ratio to maintain your set cadence. Nothing could be simpler, more comfortable, or more enjoyable!
  • Maintenance Free  –  Sealed for dependable, maintenance-free performance. Regular cleaning, adjustments are for conventional drivetrains; not NuVinci. So relax, leave your tools behind, and enjoy the ride like never before…that’s also part of the NuVinci Experience!
NuVinci® Durability
Maximillian Semsch back after 16,000km on a NuVinci®-equipped bike

Maximillian Semsch has completed his long journey (more than 16,000 km) around Australia riding a NuVinci-equipped e-Bike.

Some comments from his video diary are:

  • “We did it. After six months, we are back where we started at the Sydney Opera House. In the last 187 days, I cycled more than 16,000 km on my bike.
  • “The bike did a great job and it was an unforgettable journey. The bike survived as did the team.”


See also the NuVinci N360 Testing Summary for insights into NuVinci durability.