NuVinci® Harmony

NuVinci® Harmony Intelligent Drivetrain
Auto-Shifting the NuVinci Way.

The NuVinci Harmony intelligent drivetrain is the the first continuously variable shifting system, and the only electronic shifting system for e-Bikes that gives you the option to seamlessly shift automatically or manually. From the moment you power-up a Harmony-equipped e-Bike, you sense that youre about to experience something truly special a drivetrain that lets you choose a shift mode that best suites you and the ride in front of you.

For the cyclist who wants complete control to set and manage their own precise cadence settings in full automatic and manual modes, Harmony offers the Advanced Controller model. Simply choose auto mode, dial-in your preferred cadence with a twist of the wrist, and let the system do the rest. The Harmony intelligent drivetrain automatically and continuously adjusts ratio to maintain your exact, set cadence as you glide quietly, smoothly and uninterrupted to your destination. Feel like shifting? Choose manual mode and directly manage the systems continuously variable ratio range with ride by wire technology. Because every Harmony system comes standard with the award-winning N360 CVP drivetrain, shifting is smooth, easy and perfect for cyclists of all ages and experience levels.

For the cyclist who simply wants auto-shifting, the Harmony Base Controller option keeps it simple with a three-button, auto-only model. Three preset cadence settings (slow, medium and fast) make auto-shifting as simple as: select a cadence, push a button and go. You'll get the same smooth, auto-shifting experience as the Advanced Controller model.

So, regardless of the model you choose, NuVinci Harmony promises a ride experience unlike anything before. Never will you feel more in tune with the ride, or as we like to sayin total harmony.

NuVinci Harmony, the drivetrain of choice for e-Bikes.


  • E-Bike Compatibility:  12 – 48VDC systems with front hub or frame-mount motors.
  • Wide 360% Ratio Range: with an infinite number of ratios with its range.
  • Compact, Weather-Sealed System: quick-release connector for easy wheel removal.
  • Continuous, Auto-Shifting: helps extend battery power, increases range, and reduces motor wear.

Advanced Controller

  • Auto or Manual: lets rider choose a shift mode that best suits their riding style and the ride in front of them.
  • Auto Mode:  allows rider to choose preferred cadence, Harmony automatically and continuously adjusts ratio to maintain set cadence.
  • Manual Mode: allows rider to control ratio manually with “ride by wire” technology.
  • Seamless or Stepped Shifting: Harmony gives the e-Bike maker the option to provide seamless or traditional indexed shifting.

Base Controller

  • Keeps it Simple:  Three preset cadence settings in simple push button controller mounted on handlebar.
  • Seamless Auto-Shifting:  Choose a cadence (slow, medium or fast), push a button and enjoy the ride.
  • Maintains Cadence Automatically:  Manages the ride, maintaining perfect preset cadence for unmatched rider comfort and control.

How it Works

At the heart of every Harmony intelligent drivetrain is NuVinci technology and the award-winning N360 continuously variable hub located in the rear wheel of the vehicle. It is this patented technology that makes the Harmony system and seamless, auto-shifting possible. In automatic mode, the rider chooses a desired pedal cadence for the ride. With the Harmony Advanced Controller model, the cyclist selects and fine-tunes a cadence set-point by twisting the shifter until the blue RPM display indicates the desired setting. With the Harmony Base Controller, the rider chooses one of three factory preset cadence speeds and activates the system by simply pushing a button on the handlebar-mounted controller. Both controllers use the same hub interface located at the N360 hub in the rear wheel. All shift logic is contained inside this compact, weather-sealed hub interface. As the rider pedals, the Harmony hub interface monitors pedal cadence, senses vehicle speed and automatically adjusts ratio in the N360 hub to maintain the set cadence as terrain and conditions change. Auto-shifting is performed effortlessly and smoothly, even in fast stop and go conditions.

The Harmony Advanced Controller also offers the cyclist the option to shift manually and directly manage the continuously variable ratio range of the N360 hub. Ratio changes are made simply by twisting the grip on the controller. Shift effort is smooth and ratios are easily fine-tuned, even under high pedal forces.

NuVinci® Harmony™ on the Kalkhoff ProConnect e-Bike

Turbo Bob’s Video Review of NuVinci® Harmony™

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