David Hancock

Executive Management
President and CEO, enviolo

David Hancock joined Fallbrook as a result of Fallbrook's purchase of the business of Hodyon LLP in April 2011. He is currently the Managing Director, Bike Business Unit. In this role, he is responsible for overseeing the Company's bicycle division, including P&L, product strategy, quality, distribution, and marketing and sales worldwide. David has been instrumental in identifying and developing partnerships and product enhancements that support growth of the NuVinci® product line in the e-Bike segment. Under his leadership, NuVinci sales have more than tripled worldwide, and NuVinci is now a standard component on more than 100 major bicycle and eBike brands throughout Europe and North America.

David started his career with Arthur Andersen LLP, one of the world's top accounting firms. Then, in 1994, he began working in the mobile air conditioning business, first in retail and service and then in 1997, founded and became the Chief Executive Officer of Hodyon LLP. In 2004, David was part of the innovative 10H development team that was responsible for the Aftermarket A/C division of Hodyon. Starting in 2009, David guided Hodyon out of the mobile air conditioning business by selling Hodyon’s Aftermarket A/C division and leading the launch of Hodyon’s Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) division. The transition from mobile air conditioning to APUs led to Hodyon’s acquisition by Fallbrook Technologies. David served as Hodyon's CEO until October, 2012 when he was promoted to his current position.

David holds a BBA in Accounting from Abilene Christian University.