Continental Announced a Revolutionary 48v eBike System at Eurobike 2017 -- Features an integrated motor and transmission with autoshifting incorporating Fallbrook’s NuVinci® Technology –

Continental issued a press release on August 29, 2017 at the major bicycle trade show, Eurobike 2017, announcing a “New 48V electric bike technology including a revolutionary new drive unit with both motor and stepless automatic gear system.”  Named the 48er Revolution, Continental described it as “the world’s first 48V-powered e-bike motor with a fully integrated stepless automatic transmission contained in an all-in-one drive unit.”   The successful integration of a motor and transmission stemmed from Continental’s agreements and work with Fallbrook.  The text of Continental’s press release is available here.

An article in Bike Europe on August 15, 2017 previewed the Conti product stating “the Revolution presents an all new riding experience thanks to the almost completely automatic ride as the mid-motor features an integrated stepless NuVinci transmission.”  The article goes on to describe the technical advantages of an integrated motor and transmission.