Dana Holding Corporation presents benefits of VariGlide® planetary transmission technology for beltless CVT transmissions at International CVT Conference titled “Set Screws for Efficiency”

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Dana Holding Company (Dana) is continuing its active promotion of the benefits of its VariGlide® CVT technology for continuously variable transmissions.  At the International VDI Wissenforum Conference held June 21-22, 2016, in Friedrichshafen, Germany, Dana presented its VariGlide® Beltless Transmission Technology in keeping with the conference title  “CVT in automotive applications – Set screws for better efficiency.”

VDI Wissenforum GMBH is a business unit of the VDI Group formed over 50 years ago to provide training and education to engineers.  Annually, there are over 25,000 attendees at various VDI events.  VDI Wissenforum offfers several automotive-related conferences each year with approximately 1,300 attendees this year at the "CVT in automotive applications" conference.

Click here to read the Dana June 16, 2016 press release on their VDI Wissenforum Conference participation.

The title of Dana's VDI presentation was listed in the conference program as "CVT powerpath solutions using Continuously Variable Planetary (CVP) for maximum fuel economy."

Dana has a license from Fallbrook Technologies Inc. to develop and commercialize transmission components and other advanced powertrain solutions for passenger car and certain off highway vehicles with Fallbrook’s NuVinci® Technology.  For more information on Dana's Variglide® technology, visit www.variglide.com.