NuVinci® Core™ for MATLAB® Simulink®

About the NuVinci Technology

Simulates continuously variable planetary (CVP) functionality in MATLAB Simulink.

Please note that this is a trial version with a limited data set. If after you use this trial version you would like to try it with more precise efficiency data, please contact us.




  • Helps you quickly evaluate new capabilities for managing torque and speed using NuVinci CVP transmission technology
  • Easily demonstrates, quantifies and compares the value of adding variability to fixed ratio drives
  • Helps optimize your vehicle system performance using CVP technology in MATLAB Simulink models

For all users:

  • Demonstrates CVP functionality in a variety of power paths
  • Offers simple connections – place Core and then assign in/out connections


NuVinci Core is a functional block that allows users to simulate continuously variable planetary (CVP) transmission functionality in a driveline system. This block can replace a conventional transmission within a system and provides sizing of the drive based on desired torque capacity. NuVinci Core is currently available for use with Simulink system models and will soon be available for use with Simscape™.

Required for Installation:

  • Simulink


  • Windows
  • Other platforms will be available in the future


Please click the link below to download the NuVinci Core installation file. During installation, you will be redirected back to to register the software and receive an activation code.

NuVinci Core Download

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